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Get In Touch

We want to hear from you! Send us an email with the city name you want to open, and why you would like to be a part of this amazing business.

Not a Franchise

We are NOT a franchise, but a licensing concept. What this means is that we provide you with all the tools to build a successful business but instead of paying a royalty or percentage you have a single licensing fee for a set amount of years! This also means that you will not be supported the same way you would in a franchise - this model requires you to be a problem solver and self starter!

Choose your Rainbows

We have different options for you to be able to start your business. You can either start small or BIG! We can help you choose the best.

Full Website and Marketing Help

You will not start alone. You will have access to a full website, marketing materials that will be send monthly, and tips to be able grow your business faster.

Start Right Away

Once you are accepted for be a part of this family, and after you choose your special rainbows, you can start your business right away! Promoting your business will make a difference.

100% Support

Even tho this is not a franchise, you will have the support of all other business owners which will share tips and tricks, experiences, and general info.


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